Content is KING!

Content should be at the core of your marketing strategy

When it comes to marketing, content is KING!

But not just any content, it must be valuable, relevant and consistent.

What is content? Content is anything you communicate to your audience

Content marketing is strategic, the goal is ultimately to motivate the customer to take an action.

That could be:

  • Buying a product
  • Signing up your mailing list
  • Downloading a free guide
  • Signing up to an event
  • …anything you want

Consistency, trust and meeting needs, the keys to relationships

Relationships with your customers breed loyalty which leads to repeat purchases from customers. To achieve this relationship, your content needs to be consistent and meet their needs this is how you gain their trust and keep them coming back.  You have to consistently prove that you are worth trusting by sharing content that matters to them. Essentially, customers are always thinking “what’s in it for me?”, so you need to show them how what you have to offer is relevant to them. That trust and reliable presence will make you come to mind first when customers are looking for your product.

What else do you care about?

Customers now more than ever also want to know what you as a brand care about, other than making money from them. This is especially important for those targeting millennials and why corporate social responsibility (CSR) is so big lately. What social impact could you be making? Pick something your customers care about and you’re killing two bird with one stone. But be genuine about it. It will be obvious if you’re just doing it for good PR.

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