Before you start ANYTHING, you gotta have a plan, strategy is essential.

Gaining my masters in Strategic Marketing (*hair flick*) has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and experience in planning the direction of your marketing.

Your strategy will depend on factors such as your business goals, competitors and who your target market.

You also need separate strategies for different elements of your marketing so you’d have a social media plan, but also individual plans for each social media platform, and YES it is important


I’ll walk you through it, or just take care of it all for you…Click here and lets set up a free consultation

CBSO • Designed by Shen

The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Client: The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO) Services designed by Shen: Market Research and Marketing Strategy The CBSO wanted to attract new customers but need help finding who to attract *queue Shen* I researched their existing target audience (people who go to the orchestra), then identified ways for them to expand it, by targeting people […]

NFU • Designed by Shen

The National Farmer’s Union (NFU)

Client: The National Farmer’s Union (NFU) Services designed by Shen: Market Research and Marketing Strategy The NFU decided to develop their market strategy and target new groups of customers but needed help determining whether it would be feasible to target those groups. Deliverables Feasibility reports for the 3 target segments A market research report and presentation […]

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